About us - Tara LTD

The company "Tara" was founded in 1991 and its operations demonstrate steady growth and development. The tradition of the family business of "Tara" is characterized by continuity and quality of work. Today "Tara" company has more than 25 employees. Through continuous investment in the manufacturing process and the implementation of the latest technologies, we have gained an enviable position in the domestic and international markets, taking into account the training of the employees to work on the latest technology, as one of the most important elements of the business.

"Tara" as a market-oriented company focuses its business on customers. We offer our customers:

modern, tailor-made wood products, as a short term production and delivery, through continuous investment in new and improved technologies we raise the technological equipment of the company and thereby continually raise the quality of services and products.
"Tara" as a socially responsible company:
ensures a pleasant working environment, the opportunity for learning and career development for all employees
uses only environmentally friendly technologies and produces only environmentally friendly products, which implements its responsibility,
sponsoring various humanitarian activities, sports activities and so on. becomes part of the community in which they live and develop.

"Tara" company is a family firm founded in 1991. During his twenty years of operation the company has earned its reputation in the wood industry and has won its place in the market through continuous engagement and quality of work.

"Tara" company is one of the 1000 most successful companies in Serbia. The company is in the process of introducing ISO standards.

"Tara" companies seeks to meet the demands, needs and expectations of its customers, to ensure the steady growth of the company. Wood production program must constantly develop and improve in line with the latest findings in the field of manufacturing and processing industry. The company "Tara" seeks constant development thus ensuring its place in the international market, which has resulted in the placement of most of the production (97%) in the EU market.